embracingpanels whispered: "She's doing this for the greater good, Gordon."

"Greater good? I am the greatest good you are ever going to get!"

And somewhere, you can hear the mod being shot to death by the mediocre reference police.

embracingpanels whispered: Might laugh something crazy if she weren't in this state, nice one! "Gordon. Come on, why are you being this way?"

"Because your great and powerful leader is a disgrace to the Hippocratic oath."

embracingpanels whispered: "Hey! Don't you dare talk about Pearl that way! Show some damn respect."

"Sure. Our most revered leader can kindly go fornicate with the wrong end of Saharan cacti."


                                                —i am no { н e r o }

                                                              no sᴀᴠɪᴏʀ;;

                                                                        i am ɴoтнιɴɢ.

embracingpanels whispered: Pulls at whatever is keeping her down, "Pearl is going to be sooo pissed!"

"Pearl can fuck herself with a cactus for all I care."

embracingpanels whispered: Wakes up! And.. is not happy! "I need to test, Gordon I swear to God-" is going to strangle you. Hard.

Shakes his head. “Nope.”

((Happy Munday! :3))

embracingpanels whispered: Takes a half dozen tries, and many curses but one point in particular seemed to cause her to limp, "Nnn-" mumbles incoherently.

There. Much better. Needs to tie her down so she doesn’t get loose and walk her way into some god forsaken test chamber

embracingpanels whispered: Skip skip tackled! "Ack!" thrashes, "Let me go! I need to help Pearl!"

"Not today. Not ever, actually." Works on getting her sedated. Pressure points!

embracingpanels whispered: Rolls her eyes and leaves his arm be, "Fine, I'll go myself. You're gonna miss out though, big time." skips down the hall~

"Nope again!" Goes to tackle the little bugger! Loves his wife too much to see her murdered by a sadistic nurse.