red-seeker whispered: A twist of zinnia and lavender.

Puts those in a beaker with some water. Enjoys the color of them- they might work on the meaning later.


cavejohnsonaperturedroid whispered: Twelve dozen orange lilies. To go with that stupid orange HEV suit you wear.

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Which flower would your muse give to mine?
  • Put a flower in my inbox to show your muse's feelings for mine, anon or not: 
  • AMARANTH: Broken-hearted
  • BEGONIA: Warning
  • CARNATION (YELLOW): Rejection
  • CYCLAMEN: Parting
  • LAVENDER: Distrust
  • LILY (ORANGE): Hatred
  • MARIGOLD: Jealousy
  • GERANIUM: True friendship
  • SUNFLOWER: Gratitude
  • TULIP (WHITE): Forgiveness
  • VIOLET: Loyalty
  • ZINNIA: Memories
  • DILL: Lust
  • MIMOSA: Secret admirer
  • PEONY: Shyness
  • ROSE (ORANGE): Fascination
  • ROSE (RED): Passionate love
  • SYCAMORE: Curiosity
  • TUBEROSE: Pleasure

embracingpanels whispered: Jesus Christ- *laughs hard*

*chuckles, knows a pop culture thing. Well, a pop culture thing an age or two ago.*

embracingpanels whispered: Wonder if he has some epic transformation sequence, or a mutant sidekick. *chuckles* Mhm, bet she totally would sew him something for me if I asked. Way too close to him to say no to that.

He doesn’t have time for a transformation sequence. He’s got no time for that, cause he’s gotta run to school with his toast in his mouth to become a sailor scout or some shit. *smiles* There you go, then. Guy constantly looks like he needs a sweater.

embracingpanels whispered: *laughs* Yeah, such a movie name. He said he was a medic too. *is satisfied with the safety of the box, for now. sits on the edge of the bed* Mhmm, pretty sure if he didn't take so much pride in his work he would of just given me some scary metal, skeleton arm thing. *looks to the limb in question* Still needa make it up to him, he repairs tears and shit at least once a week too.

A medic? ‘Zane the Medicine Man, ministering to the poor, irradiated people of New Hiroshima’. Huh. *takes a better look at her arm* I don’t think he’d do that to you. The guy has a conscience a lot of other people and droids lack in this facility. *shrugs* I’m sure Harpy would -love- to sew him something. They’re pretty tight, at least from what I’ve seen.

embracingpanels whispered: *checks back under the bed* Zane, I believe. Has a robotic arm too. *smirks at herself* Mine's much better looking.

Zane, huh? Sounds like the name of a foreign hero or something. The kinda thing you’d see in a Japanese drama or the like. *chuckles* I’d bet. Morbid sure as hell squared you away with that thing.

embracingpanels whispered: He freaked out when I mentioned my view on how fucked we all are. *slides the box under the bed* They could steal them just to steal them. *stands up* We aren't exactly surrounded by friends here, Gordon.

…Yeah, you’re right. *people would steal all the bullets from a gun just to spite a depressive* And what’s this guy’s name? Just to, you know, lemme know. For in the future.